Who We Are

Rick Gantley, Event Producer | Creative Director
Rick@iQonProductions.com | T: 214-435-7620

As Event Producer | Creative Director, Rick brings a great deal of entrepreneurial leadership and creative design to the team. Rick has well over 30 years in the hospitality industry with  restaurants, hotels and event companies.

His passion for creating incredible and memorable events has been experienced with his clients that have included NBC, US Navy, Donna Karan, Neiman Marcus, Foreign Trade Agency of Valencia, Spain, Lambda Legal Landmark Dinner, Chivas Scotch Activation Experiences, The Teddy Bear Party and many more large and boutique organizations. He has also been instrumental in event planning and execution with restaurant/entertainment companies such as Lombardi Family Concepts and Dave and Buster’s.

Rick’s experience in event design and execution, promotions, marketing, public relations, financial operations and degrees in Marketing, Management and International Business has been instrumental in the success iQon Productions. Ensuring that we are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for their clients.